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Why does everyone get to choose their ability score modifiers, and why are the races not that different from each other in general? I like it that way. It encourages players to pick the race they want to play instead of the race that fits the class they want best. Why does everyone get a bonus feat? That feature being unique to humans made them too good. Why did Planetouched get changed a bit? Aasimar and tieflings are the only ones that aren't pretty underpowered, and since everyone gets a bonus feat, they had to give something up to compensate.

Alignment isn't used because I prefer not to categorize morality in mechanical terms.

What's with changing feats every day? I like for everybody to be able to modify their tactics to fit the coming encounter. Plus, I hate feat taxes.

Sneak attack had to change. I've always found it a bit underpowered and lacking in precision (it doesn't hit as often as it should), so I decided to make it more accurate but a little less damage. Even with 2 damage instead of 1d6, however, the fact that it'll be hitting a lot more often still means more sneak attack damage will be done by Rogues, but they could use the buff. Plus, it makes the Rogue precision based like it should be. In certain situations it can be the most accurate thing in the party, and I think that's good for the class.

As for armor, I prefer it to be aesthetic. There isn't any reason to wear medium or heavy armor that isn't hide, breastplate, or full plate, and I dislike that, so I changed it.

The raise dead rules give everybody a reason to fear death properly, as even true resurrection can leave a person permanently damaged. I much prefer that over the revolving door afterlife. Plus, nobody knowing what the afterlife is even or if there is one, since raised people can't remember what happened after death, makes death mysterious, like it should be.

Religion and deities is mysterious because I don't like deities that get heavily involved in things or who's intentions are well known.

Paladins fall and rise slowly because I think that redemption and descent into evil should be major occurences that take time to occur. Trading out Paladin abilities for Antipaladin abilities was the best way to go about this.